Rice Purity Test

Rice Purity Test is one of an extensive survey which comprised of 100 different questions belonged to the different parts of your life just like from violations of rules, s*x, indecencies, medications, and much more. It is just like a survey in which you will be asked about your s*xual actions, shrewd, and enthusiast you have done till now in your life.

Rice Purity Test

Officially, the Rice Purity Test was first created in order to help the fresh students to get socialize with the other old students. All they need to go through the 100 questions exam and check the activities they have done ever in their life. This test is also allowing the users and students to identify the attributes and traits they have. It is recommended to go through the whole article and let’s find out the best information about the rice Purity Test on this website.

The New Students or freshers voluntarily take part in the Rice Purity Test and got an opportunity to mix with the society by identifying their attributes and traits. It’s a 100-question survey and in this survey, you have to check all the questions matched your life scenarios. 100 questions belong to multiple domains of an individual life. Here we also list down these domains for you. Must have a look before proceeding further.

Rice Purity Test Domains

Police Encountering

The Rice Purity test could raise you the questions associated with the Police Encountering. The most reason behind asking such sort of questions is to test what proportion obedience the students or test takers are with laws and the way how he/she will tackle the cops? There might be variety of reasons to encounter the police and plenty of the explanations are non-commissioned within the questionnaire. You Solely have to check the answers only you have faced in your real life. A Sample of the questions from this domain are listed below.

  • Ran from the Cops?
  • Been Arrested?
  • Had the Police Handcuffed you?

Smoking Marijuana

Marijuana is completely unlawful across almost all the countries of whole world. Anyone will catch guilty and gets unbailable imprisonment. Moreover, the importing of Marijuana is additionally spreader across the various states of the globe therefore, the usage is even quite imagination. The cultivation of Marijuana is restricted to the remote areas as a result of cultivation of Marijuana could be a crime. At early stages of life, the teenagers are exposed of it and become confirmed. while not having a lot of data regarding it they begin to hurt themselves. within the Rice Purity test, you’ll be able to face the questions from this Domain further. A sample of questions is listed below.

  • Smoke-dried Marijuana?
  • Used any drug worse than Marijuana?
  • Got Caught Smoking marijuana?

S*xual Activities outside

With the passage of your time, the full thought of getting s*x is ever-changing. folks just like the a lot of exciting expertise of s*x at completely different locations in outdoors. Most of the children who are partaking in s*xual activities like to roll in the hay outdoors. They like to pair in parks, playhouses, or anyplace. the most purpose of asking queries from this domain is to seek out out that how the student is desperate for the s*xual activities. The sample of questions from this domain is listed below.

  • Had s*x in public?
  • Had s*x outdoors?
  • Had s*x in a car?


There are several definitions of Crime. one in all the only definitions is that crime are a few things that is finished against the laws outlined by the laws & regulation bodies. The drug could be a reasonably crime, murders, cheating, etc. Most of the children are actively concerned in criminal activities like medicine, cheats, and plenty of others. the most purpose of this domain is to investigate with the criminal mind-set & behavior. A sample of questions from this domain listed below.

  • Used shabu, crack hard drug, PCP, horse tranquilizers or heroin?
  • Ran from the police?
  • Been questioned by the police?
  • Been suspended from school?
  • Gotten associate STI test?

Digital S*x

Gradually the approach of obtaining pleasure is ever-changing and it’s additionally impacting onerous on our society. the newest technologies will facilitate you to get digital s*x pleasure by merely sitting on your desktop or laptop computer. you’ll be able to additionally roll in the hay by simply on your smartphones and devices. Digital S*x is one in all the foremost trending & notable s*x in today’s world.

Rice Purity Test


You can roll in the hay with the assistance of video chat, voice chat, or perhaps on text chat. variety of youngsters also are concerned in such quite activities as a result of they need quick access and exposure to the web and digital geological dating media. the only real purpose of asking questions from this domain is to understand that what quantity desperate you’re to possess s*x. A sample of questions from this domain is listed below.

  • Engaged in s*xually express activity over video chat?
  • Sent or received nude photographs?
  • Participated in associate orgy?