Rice Purity Test Score Scales

Once you are done with the Rice Purity Test you have you check your score. We have defined some score scales for you out of 100. Remember that it is not compulsory that you just get some high score or lies between 80 to 90.

The Purity Test is a 100 question survey which helps you a lot to identify your traits or attributes which you can use to groom your life further. Here come the scorecards we categorized for you.

Rice Purity Test

Score Between 100 to 98

The Score Scale between 100 to 98 is that the most fascinating and procurable score. Not many of us make up this class. Generally, it’s seen that people who are born with an inherited wealth get scores like these. This type of score bearers is extremely habitual and conjointly criminal minded. They’re typically labeled ‘spoiled.’

Score Between 97 & 94

The second score class is lies between 97 & 94. it’s a little vary, however once long analysis, this record book is categorized as people who are endlessly growing.

These are the sort who ne’er accept something but and in the future could even score a hundred. These score bearers have a firm however disciplined temperament.

The score between 93 & 77

In the score scale, more people lie. Such score holders are typically belonging to the upper middle class to the elegant kids. Most of the students belong to this class are real artists in the fields but somehow are indulged in the higher practices.
they will have wonderful management over themselves and might result in a stronger life.

Score Between 76 & 45

The score scale between 76 and 45 describe the introverts and keep them. The students belong to this class mostly lack the social skills & are terribly keep to come back in the thoughts.

Score below 45

All those students who score below 45 are in need of help. They can have some disorders or could also be laid low with the sickness.